Mix 1:

Mix 2:

Top Model Mix 1996 Tralla Blanco Y Negro Music

Label: Tralla (Blanco Y Negro)

01- Top Model Mix (Mix 1) 19:22

Corona – I Don’t Wanna Be A Star
Playahitty – 1-2-3! (Train With Me)
Real Worlds – Love Is The Key
Cappella – Tell Me The Way
B.A.R. Feat. Roxy – Come Together
Alex Party – Wrap Me Up
Double You – Because I’m Loving You
Even In Eden – The Look Of Love

02- Top Model Mix (Mix 2) 21:10

Blue Heart – Singin’ I’m Happy
Bananarama – Every Shade Of Blue
S.A.I.N. – It’s Alright
Eurogroove – Move Your Body
Matisse – I Wanna Lose My Mind
Jinny – Wanna Be With U
Exit Way – Welcome To The Future


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